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Bill Nicholson to be honored before Newcastle match

Clive Rose

Ten years ago, Tottenham Hotspur legend Bill Nicholson passed away. He spent 36 years with the club as a player and manager, then went on to be a scout and the club president, spending over 60 years with the team. Shortly after the 10th anniversary of his death, the club are going to honor him and his memory at a match.

Before the October 26 match against Newcastle United -- the home game closest to the day he died, October 23 -- Nicholson will be honored in a ceremony before the match.

Here's what the club had to say about the planned celebration of Nicholson's life.

Three generations of the Nicholson family will be our distinguished guests at White Hart Lane as we celebrate the contributions Bill made to the Club at our match against Newcastle United on Sunday, October 26 - the nearest home Premier League matchday to the anniversary of Bill's death on October 23, 2004.

A special souvenir matchday programme will be produced on the day, with other commemorative activities planned around the match. Be sure to join us at White Hart Lane on October 26 - and keep checking the Club website for further information.

If you're a new or young fan of Tottenham, we recommend doing some reading on the only man whose name is synonymous with the club.