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Younes Kaboul says he's all the way back from injuries

Ian Walton

Remember all the conversations we had about Younes Kaboul being permanently slowed down by injuries? A lot of Tottenham Hotspur supporters thought that he'd never be the same and still remain unconvinced that he's good enough to be first choice for the club, but you'll be unsurprised to learn that Kaboul thinks otherwise.

Tottenham Journal had some quotes from the Spurs skipper, and he hit out pretty strongly at those who believed injuries had knocked him down a level for good.

"I want to end all the speculation about all of my injuries. You know, for a professional footballer, you need a full pre-season. If a player goes through all of a full pre-season over nearly two months, he should be fine. You always can have these little injuries, that is normal, but physically you feel much better. This is the first time I've had a pre-season for three years so I had no injury, I am fully fit and feel very good."

I'm not sure he really is the same physically dominant player he was two years ago and that injuries haven't taken some of his ability, but he does look a little bit better with each game. If he can avoid picking up another injury and keep playing every other game or so for the next month, maybe we really will see the best version of Kaboul again.