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Nacer Chadli refused to leave, and we're benefiting

Ian Walton

Throughout the summer, it looked like Tottenham Hotspur would splurge for a young star winger and get some of their money back by way of selling one of their existing players. The one who seemed most likely to leave was Nacer Chadli, who struggled in his first season with the club. But he didn't go anywhere, mostly because he didn't want to.

Here's what Chadli had to say to Belgian outlet De Morgen, translation from London 24.

"There were some interesting offers this summer, but I wanted to stay at Spurs, I wanted to fight for my place because I know I have a lot of beautiful things to show."

And as it turns out, he was right. Everyone is still growing into their new role under Mauricio Pochettino, but one of the players who seems to have figured it out quite quickly is Chadli. He's become the Jay Rodriguez or Memphis Depay that the club wasn't able to sign up, and he talked about that in the same interview.

"The new coach has a different way of training, and that pleases me. Also my role in the system suits me. Either I play as a second striker, in support of Adebayor, or on the flank. That depends on the opponent. I find that I have become more efficient."

Now, Spurs have a versatile starter capable of doing a little bit of everything that's lived up to his price tag and the promise he showed in the Eredivisie. It's just a reminder that no one should be written off when new management comes in.

If Poche would like to magically revive Vlad and Paulinho like he did Chadli and Etienne Capoue, that would be swell.