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Tottenham probably won't have to worry about Fernandinho when they face City

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Shaun Botterill

Manchester City are sufficiently terrifying at all times, even when half their squad is injured and we get to play backups, because they spent a lot of money on a lot of good players in lots of positions. But there is some good news for Tottenham Hotspur: They might not have to deal with Fernandinho. He's battling an injury and has been yanked from the Brazil team.

Here's the info from The Telegraph.

The City midfielder underwent scans on Monday after limping out of the 2-0 victory at Aston Villa on Saturday as a result of the injury. And Fernandinho has now been withdrawn from the Brazil squad ... but with the squad due to fly to Russia 24 hours after the Spurs clash in order to prepare for the Champions League Group E encounter with CSKA Moscow, Fernandinho could be held back from the league game and saved for the behind-closed-doors tie against CSKA.

Given that Fernando has been both average and injured himself recently, Spurs might go up against a center of midfield that isn't sure to completely dominate them. Though, this might necessitate moving James Milner into the center, where he's clearly better than he is on the wing ROY.

In any event, I'll be happy to not face Fernandinho, or to face a hobbled Fernandinho.