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Kyle Walker is back in full training

brb crying

Clive Rose


That right there is Kyle Walker, the rightful heir to the right back throne at Tottenham Hotspur. He's been out of action since the end of last season, has suffered some setbacks, had hernia surgery, and is now apparently ready to play football again. His long layoff means that he's had to take it slow and work his way back to full fitness over a long period of time, but he'll probably be ready to play Under-21 ball soon, and hopefully he'll be back in the first team by the end of the month.

We're not going to direct any disrespect in the direction of Kyle Naughton or Eric Dier, but they are a career backup and a central defender, respectively. Neither should be a first choice right back for a team that aspires to qualify for Europe from the Premier League, and the gap between them and the best version of Kyle Walker is vast.

It's time to get your hopes up, Spurs supporters. Our savior is here.