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Europa League match suspended due to three pitch invaders

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur and Partizan Belgrade were pulled off the pitch after 40 minutes of their Europa League match because of recurring pitch invaders. There were consecutive pitch invaders midway through the first half, then a third took to the field in the 40th minute and the referee pulled all of the players off of the pitch.

There was chatter that the pitch invaders were paid by a headphones company, which would make some sense because two of them were wearing identical shirts. A third pitch invader was wearing a shirt, but then had it taken off and continued to run around shirtless.

The referee was right to pull the players off of the pitch considering it was obvious there was no way of keeping determined people off of the pitch. That puts the players' safety at risk and they need to make sure that can be taken care of before the match starts again.

The match was level at 0-0 and the referee has cleared the match to resume after a 10 minute break.