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Besiktas vs. Tottenham Hotspur: Final score 1-0, pay your light bill


Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur have advanced in the UEFA Europa League, but they'll be facing a mean draw after a 1-0 loss to Besiktas on the final matchday. The Turkish side's win saw them win the group, meaning Spurs could end up with a truly nasty matchup for the Round of 32.

The lights went out twice at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium. And, to be fair to Besiktas, it's not actually their stadium. We're not sure who's supposed to be paying the light bill, but they should get on that.

Roberto Soldado had the first big chance of the game for Spurs and properly Roberto Soldado'd it, missing from eight yards off a nice knockdown by Younes Kaboul. The only other big chance of note for either side in the first half came in the 30th minute, when Olcay Sahan failed to convert on a pair of chances. His first effort was blocked by Kyle Walker, and he put his second over the bar.

Besiktas took over in the 59th minute, off a terrible turnover by Younes Kaboul, which led to Cenk Tosun hitting the crossbar. Spurs were visibly rattled by this, couldn't regain control, and conceded a minute later. Tosun made up for his miss, redirecting a cross by Sahan into the back of the net for what would eventually be the winning goal.

Spurs had some half-chances after that, but Besiktas defended well to earn a win. Soldado volleyed just wide in the 64th minute off a corner, and it was probably their best opportunity to equalize. Without Christian Eriksen and Harry Kane, Spurs just didn't have any answers for the hosts.



- There's a reason Younes Kaboul hasn't played in a long time.

- Kyle Walker looked fit!

- Mousa Dembele had a good first half and a horrible second half.

- Paulinho continues to be nothing more than a warm body.

- Bring on Zenit.