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American World Cup star to join Tottenham in January

Yedlin coming y'all.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

It was reported yesterday that DeAndre Yedlin's request for a work permit had cleared and that he would be able to join Tottenham Hotspur in January. Today it has been officially announced. DeAndre Yedlin's loan to Seattle Sounders FC will end and he will start training with Spurs. The young American's first match at White Hart Lane should be just around the corner.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino explained that it is important for Yedlin's development that he begin acclimating to England and to Premier League football. It appears this concern for Yedlin's development was the driving force behind Spurs' interest in bringing him over in midseason.

This obviously will create a logjam at right back. Kyle Naughton's position in the club is at the very least precarious. He is almost certainly not long for Spurs, although he might be headed out the door in the summer window rather than in January. Vlad Chiriches seemed to have established himself as the second-choice RB, which might have given the Romanian some job protection. Now that is gone as well, and reports that Vlad will leave us in January seem all the more believable.

The key piece of information here is that Spurs think Yedlin is ready for EPL football. Poche and Baldini and the rest of the staff think that for his development, the 21-year-old needs to be playing with a good Premier League side. We could probably have guessed from Yedlin's very signing that the club rated him, but this seems to confirm it. That is exciting.

In conclusion, America.