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Pochettino says Spurs need to cut squad down considerably

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Jan Kruger

Tottenham Hotspur have a pretty ridiculous number of senior players, and Mauricio Pochettino seems to have noticed. The Telegraph has a story with comments by Pochettino about needing to trim the squad size, and he's pretty clear about his thoughts that quite a few players need to leave.

"We have a long, long squad. I think we need to take a decision now to decide how many players to keep, because we have more than 25. For me, too many players. My idea is 25. No more than 25. We need to decide now, after our tour in America, and start to work here and decide our squad for the future."

Tottenham Hotspur don't need to sell or loan many players to comply with the Premier League's 25-man squad limit, as a number of the players in the first team qualify as Under-21, but that's not what Pochettino's talking about here. If Spurs have 28 or 29 players in the squad, there's simply not going to be enough playing time to go around, even with four competitions. If Spurs trim the number of players in the squad by five or so, there are still going to be quite a few players who almost never play.

Additionally, Spurs are pretty clearly trying to bring in Mateo Musacchio, Morgan Schneiderlin and a winger. If that happens and Pochettino's serious about this squad size business, something like eight players need to be sold or loaned out.

There's a lot of business left to be done for Spurs, and most of it is going to be departures.