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Kyle Walker looks likely to miss 5 games

Mike Hewitt

Tottenham Hotspur were clearly aiming to get Kyle Walker fit for the start of the Premier League season when they gave him a short run-out during their United States tour, but it appears that appearance came a tad bit too early for the Spurs right back. The Daily Mail are reporting that Walker will be out through England's Euro 2016 qualifier against Switzerland.

Spurs play five competitive fixtures between now and then, though two are part of a Europa League playoff against AEL, so Kyle Naughton likely would have started those games if Walker were fit. Naughton had been linked to a sale this summer, but that's likely to be held off until at least January with Walker struggling for fitness. The three Premier League games that Walker is likely to miss are against West Ham United, Queens Park Rangers and Liverpool.

For those hoping that this opens a window of opportunity for likely new signing DeAndre Yedlin, or that Spurs would push to bring him in immediately because of Walker's injury, that's probably not going to happen. Seattle Sounders are a rich enough club that they'll be completely unwilling to sell if Yedlin isn't loaned back for the rest of the MLS season. They really don't need our £3m, and neither does the league, which gets part of the transfer fee.

The good news for Spurs is that Naughton has been impressive in preseason. Hopefully he really has taken a step up in his development. It'll mean Spurs don't experience too serious of a drop-off in quality to start the season, and it'll mean they get more for him when they inevitably sell him in January or summer of 2015.