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Michel Vorm transfer being investigated by FIFA

Change everything you believed about the Davies/Vorm transfer, as it appears Vorm was the free transfer and the move may have been done to avoid paying transfer clauses.

Robert Cianflone

Three weeks ago Tottenham fans were delighted at the transfer of a real left back, Ben Davies, and Michel Vorm as a backup goalkeeper in exchange for Gylfi Siggurdson and some cash. All seemed well, cheap efficient business done, no drama, as is typical for a Spurs transfer.

Or so we thought! Reports are coming out today that FIFA is investigating the Michel Vorm transfer. Now you may be wondering, why does FIFA care about the Michel Vorm transfer? It all seemed cut and dry when the transfer went down. However, it appears that Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins has been taking some lessons from Daniel Levy. Contrary to reports at the time of the transfer, the deal was not a Davies swap and Vorm transfer, but a Vorm swap. This is key because it made Vorm into a free transfer. Which is a problem because that has made FC Utrecht really, really mad.

Turns out Michel Vorm had a 30% sell-on fee attached to his contract, which means if he had been transferred for around his valuation, Utrecht likely would have received around a million pounds in compensation. Now that Swansea and Tottenham have played what could be construed as dirty pool with the transfer, Utrecht is upset and demanding satisfaction. If the James Rodriguez transfer from last year is anything to go off of however, nothing will likely come of this and everyone will go on their merry way.

Utrecht fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the first of which is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less known is, never go in with Daniel Levy when money is on the line.