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Federico Fazio officially signs for Tottenham Hotspur

It took a couple of days for things to go from official to officially official, but Federico Fazio is now a Tottenham Hotspur player. The club announced his arrival and did the ceremonial tweeting of him holding up the club's shirt and looking super happy.

That's a very nice button-down shirt you're wearing, sir. Most people are wearing a white tee or trainers when they do this. I'm glad we've added someone classy.

I can't imagine Fazio will be in the 18-man squad for Spurs against Liverpool, but anything's possible. Mauricio Pochettino's expectation is probably that he becomes first choice next to Jan Vertonghen within the next month or so, though he should get plenty of time to settle in at the club.

If the rumors floating around the internet are true, the fee was €10m. It's probably a great bargain price for Fazio, but he's not a youngin, nor was he dominant last season. He's just a very good player, and hopefully one that's good enough to make Spurs a better team.