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Pochettino acknowledges Europa League's importance this season

Ross Kinnaird

The UEFA Europa League is always a source of contentious debate around these parts, with most not being huge fans. But starting this year, the winner gets a Champions League spot. Mauricio Pochettino talked about this in an interview at the BBC, and it might change how Tottenham Hotspur approaches Europe's second tier competition.

In the video, Pochettino is reminded that he's stated publicly that he does not like the Europa League, and he's asked if he's changed how he feels about the competition. His answer might shed some light on how we approach the competition this season.

"No change [in how I feel], but the next Europa league gives us the possibility, if we win, to play in the Champions League. It's different now, [we have a] different point of view."

And he's right. While I feel like Harry Redknapp was right to use the Europa League to play kids during his tenure and Andre Villas-Boas was wrong to take it so seriously, it's become a viable route to Champions League. That new provision changes the game considerably. And by the time the Europa League knockout stage rolls around, we should have some idea if we're more likely to win that or finish top four, and which goal we should put most of our resources towards.

I'm expecting to see some heavy rotation during the group stage of the Europa League, but if we get out of the group? I'm not sure what Pochettino's going to do, nor am I sure what he should do. Can you see Spurs resting stars in Premier League games in an attempt to win the Europa League?