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Sandro completes £10m move to Queens Park Rangers

Let's all get real sad.

Alex Livesey

Sandro has joined Queens Park Rangers. Tottenham Hotspur have decided to sell him for £10m, he's passed a medical, and QPR have announced that he's signed a contract with a club.

Generally, we do straight news posts when things like this happen, but that's not really something I can manage right now, because I love Sandro more than you've ever loved anything.

I'm going to call Sandro and sing Marvins Room every single day until he comes back.

I'm just saying you can do better.
Tell me have you heard that lately.
I'm just saying you can do better.
And I'll start hatin only if you make me.

Apparently, signing Benjamin Stambouli made Sandro expendable. I've only seen Stambouli a couple of times and he may very well be an excellent player, but I can't imagine I'll ever care about him as much as Sandro, because he'll probably never have a blue mohawk and he'll probably never score a swerving winner against Manchester United and he'll probably never wreck AC Milan at the San Siro. He'll also have crappier social media accounts and there's no way he can grow a decent beard.

Winning and making money are great things, but I care more about having super likeable players in the team, and Sandro was the most likable of them all. Now he's gone. You're a monster, Poche.