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Sandro bids wonderful goodbye to Tottenham, fans


Scott Heavey

Sandro is gone. It's sad, but it's true. He may have been injured a lot recently, but there was a time when he was brilliant. More than that, he was always happy. No player on the team as quicker to smile, play a prank or laugh at a joke. He earned the nickname "The Beast" on the pitch, where he was a monster who destroyed people in the midfield, but it made little sense off the pitch, where the scariest thing about him was his ever-changing hair and intimidating beard.

We loved Sandro and Sandro loves us, so with the Brazilian set for Queens Park Rangers, he took to Facebook to wish Spurs and the club's fans goodbye.


Of course even his goodbye would be wonderful.

We will miss you Sandro. We will miss you a whole hell of a lot and you're going to be great at Queens Park Rangers because we said so (that's how these things work, right?).