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Olympic Stadium operators would welcome Tottenham talks

Harry Engels

Tottenham Hotspur are going to need a temporary home while their new stadium is built and the Olympic Stadium would appear to be rather high on their wish list of places to play. It is relatively close, a new building and, at 54,000 seats, not too big like Wembley.

Of course, there is also the matter of a rent agreement, which will not be easy. The LLDC, who operate the Olympic Stadium, will not rent to Spurs on the cheap, but it does look like they are willing to consider taking Tottenham in.

"If they approached us, we would certainly talk," Hone told LLDC committee members today, report the Tottenham and Wood Green Independent.

"The Government has cut funding to the LLDC, so it's pretty clear it would welcome an approach from Tottenham, as the income generated would be a boost," he continued.

"Retro-fitting a roof to the Olympic Stadium is an expensive exercise and Londoners will have to foot the cost of any overruns."

The LLDC can't afford to rent to Tottenham on the cheap, but they appear to be in a situation where they are more receptive to additional revenue than maybe we thought. They need to pay for the stadium improvements and rent from Spurs could certainly help with that.

West Ham have a 99-year lease to make the Olympic Stadium their home and there is not just bad blood between Spurs and the East London club, but with the LLDC as well after the public and messy attempts by both Spurs and the Hammers to get the lease to the venue a couple years ago. West Ham won that battle, and all parties would have to put their ego to the side a bit, but this could happen. West Ham only has so much ground to block Spurs from renting the building for a year, while Tottenham and the LLDC look to both be in places where a deal could make sense.

Odds are that Spurs will not settle on a temporary home anytime soon, but the Olympic Stadium does appear to be more realistic today than it did yesterday, and it was somewhat realistic yesterday.