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Details of group interested in buying Spurs beginning to emerge

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Jamie McDonald

We're beginning to get a better idea of who the figures in Cain Hoy are, as well as some of the characters in their possible purchase of Tottenham Hotspur. This doesn't mean Cain Hoy will even submit a bid for the team, let alone be successful, and we still don't have enough information to know whether it would be good for the club if the American group did buy Spurs, but we're getting a bit closer.

According to the Telegraph, the man leading the Cain Hoy approach is Jonathan Goldstein, who was born in London and has been a lifelong Tottenham fan. In addition, Todd Boehly is one of the three founders of Cain Hoy, and Boehly is the president of the Guggenheim Capital group that bought the Los Angeles Dodgers for a record $2 billion, so there is someone in the group with experience putting together sporting purchases.

Odds are that Goldstein and Boehly will lead the way in Cain Hoy's pursuit of Spurs, whether it ends in a purchase or Cain Hoy deciding not to buy. Henry Silverman is chief executive of the firm, but it is likely that he will be the one who oversees it all and either gives a thumbs up or thumbs down, more than leading negotiations with current Spurs owners ENIC or sorting out the details.

Cain Hoy has confirmed that they are interested in buying Spurs, and it would not be a surprise if ENIC (the company owned by Joe Lewis, who is essentially the owner) looks to sell the team. Lewis has always looked at Tottenham has a business investment and if Cain Hoy are willing to pay enough to make a suitable return on his investment, he will likely sell.

While Cain Hoy sort out whether they want to bid, and whether it makes sense to meet Lewis £1 billion price tag -- assuming that number is correct -- the next date to keep in mind is October 10. That is the deadline for Cain Hoy to either make a firm bid for the club or pull out.

There are still a lot of questions about Cain Hoy and Spurs' possible sale, but the information is starting to come together. Cain Hoy may or may not be a good potential owner, that's still unclear. But the presence of Goldstein and Boehly does appear to be a positive, and make the possibility of Cain Hoy buying a little more likely.