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Roberto Soldado is back in training

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

Tottenham Hotspur don't really tell us much about players' fitness or lack thereof, so it's a good thing they all use social media. Otherwise, we'd have no idea that Roberto Soldado is back to training.

Soldado's been sitting out with some sort of neck/back injury, and apparently it wasn't all that serious. He just missed two games, and it'll be nice to have him back.

If Soldado is back to training today, one has to assume that he's in contention to play a part against Partizan Belgrade in the Europa League on Thursday. In a previous Europa League match, Mauricio Pochettino played Soldado as a center forward, while Harry Kane played the left wing forward spot that's been dubbed "The Jay Rodriguez Role". If Soldado and Kane are both fit, Poche could opt to give them a look in those roles again.

I know a lot of fans would rather see Kane get reps at center forward and Soldado on the bench, but he's our highest paid player and currently has no sale value. And clearly, we paid a lot of money for him because he used to be really good, and he hasn't suffered an injury that would rob him of his abilities. He needs games. Hopefully he can get some.