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Younes Kaboul sounds like a captain in slamming Spurs performance

Julian Finney

Why did Mauricio Pochettino name Younes Kaboul captain? Well, aside from the fact that he's been at the club for a long time and was the vice-captain last year, it's probably because he sounds like a captain when he speaks and does a good job parroting the manager's views*.

* Things like leadership also play a role, but we're not in the dressing room when he's explaining to Andros Townsend what color shirt Spurs are wearing that day so we cannot confirm this.

So when Kaboul was tapped to speak to the media about Spurs' loss to West Brom, he went with the manager's comments plus good team speak.

"We're all disappointed, of course, after this poor defeat," he said. "I think we played with a slow tempo all of the game and we never looked dangerous, a threat for West Brom. They took their chances and they scored from a corner. It was not good enough from us.

"I am still questioning everything, what went wrong. We didn't create any chances. We were just inviting them to try to score. It was not good enough from us."

All of those statements are true so he nailed that one. That he keeps preaching pace and how they weren't fast enough on Sunday will probably please Pochettino.

Kaboul, when asked about the Capital One Cup clash this week, made it clear that the team is not overlooking Nottingham Forest. They want to win a trophy, and that means taking every match seriously, even in the League Cup.

"But that's football and we have to go back to training with a better mentality also.''It is a tough week. Every game is tough.

"The game on Wednesday is important for us because we want to win something this season."

So that's that. Spurs were trash against West Brom and want to turn it around Wednesday, because every match matters and they want to win a trophy. That is some excellent captain talk (and that's not mean flippantly, what else is he going to say?)