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Watch Ryan Mason's 25-yard belter to equalize for Spurs


The world was going to implode. Tottenham Hotspur were going to lose to Nottingham Forest and the world was going to implode.

Then Ryan Mason happened.

Ryan Mason is not the hero we deserve. We are a grumbling, unappreciative, negative bunch. And our club gives us plenty of reason to be.

Tottenham were downright atrocious, generating few opportunities, giving the ball away cheaply and defending terribly. There is a reason Forest led 1-0 and it wasn't undeserved.

But then Mason came into the match and changed everything. He gave Spurs some good passing, some tempo and some control. Forest weren't getting chances anymore, and Tottenham were getting the ball in the vicinity of goal. It was a new Spurs, and it was due to Mason.

And then he scored. For he is a savior. Our savior.

Note: That was Ryan Mason's first ever goal for Tottenham Hotspur. And it came against a Championship side. And had Spurs been knocked out of the Capital One Cup it would not have been a disaster. Realistically, whatever, BUT RYAN GODDAMN MASON IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY, THE CLUB, AND THE WORLD.