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Perfect Ryan Mason speaks after shining for Tottenham

Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

We at Cartilage Free Captain are not a group that normally gets too excited about players. We like to be patient, see them, get a grasp of their game and personality, consider how they will fit into the team and only then do we go all-in. That is how we knew that Tom Carroll is the English Xavi.

It is also how we know that Ryan Mason is perfect. Why he doesn't have a statue outside White Hart Lane is beyond us, but it will be coming soon. After all, did you see that goal he scored in Spurs' win over Nottingham Forest in the Capital One Cup on Wednesday? And it wasn't just the goal either. He was excellent in all phases, hitting some great passes and keying an uptick in Tottenham's play.

After the match, he spoke to Sky Sports.

I've been waiting for that for a very long time. It was obviously nice to come on, get the goal and change the way the game was going.

I've always been confident in my ability. I've had to wait a lot longer than other players but I can't moan I came on tonight and I thought I made a difference.

That's right! That's a winner's mentality!

Spurs are going to Wembley, and on Ryan Mason's back.