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DeAndre Yedlin to join Spurs in January or June, depending on Latvian passport

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Yedlin's arrival at Tottenham Hotspur will depend on when he gets a Latvian passport. The 21-year-old told ExtraTime Radio that he is working on getting it now and that he'll be able to join Spurs when he does.

"Right now I'm working on getting my Latvian passport so we're still waiting on what the deal with that is," said Yedlin.

"Depending on that, I think it'll either be January or next June."

Spurs signed Yedlin in September, but left him with stay with the Seattle Sounders for the remainder of the MLS season, which ends in December. The club were vague when discussing when the fullback would join Tottenham, though, saying it would be next year, but not exactly when. Now it's clear why they wouldn't nail down a time for him to suit up for Tottenham.

Yedlin has Latvian heritage and sounds optimistic that he will get the passport, it's just a matter of when. Yedlin doesn't quality for an automatic work permit, but once he gets a Latvian passport, he won't need one because he will be a citizen of another EU country.

So now we know what will determine when Yedlin leaves MLS for Tottenham. It's up to the Latvian government.