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Ryan Mason may have left Spurs if not for Mauricio Pochettino

Jamie McDonald

Ryan Mason was the Tottenham Hotspur golden boy last week, playing great in the Capital One Cup and scoring a goal, then earning a start against Arsenal, against whom he turned in a solid performance. Not bad for a 23-yard-old academy product who many thought had just never developed enough to earn a place in the first team and wouldn't cut it in the Premier League.

Mason was seemingly out of Tottenham's plans. Players who come through the academy, but can't get a real look by the age of 23 don't normally hang around. They move on to a new club, and Mason may have done that before this year, but Mauricio Pochettino played a big role in keeping him at Spurs.

Obviously there have been times when I have questioned whether I would have to move away.

I've had a few opportunities to leave, but I wanted to play for Spurs so bad that I never really wanted to think about leaving.

I wanted to stay and give it a go and see what happened. Like I said, the change in manager helped me.

If previous managers were still in charge, maybe I wouldn't be here.

This may prove to be the best thing Pochettino has done so far in his time at Spurs. It's only been one week, and two matches, but Mason had a phenomenal showing. Put aside his goal, because Tottenham can't realistically depend on 25-yard belters with any consistency, his passing has been tremendous. Whether it's being tidy in smaller player or playing great early balls to start the attack, he's made a huge impact in the last two matches just through his passes.

Thank heavens Pochettino kept him around.