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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Leicester City: Final score 1-1, Spurs lucky to draw

That wasn't great!

Michael Regan/Getty Images

For the third consecutive game, Tottenham Hotspur have failed to capture all three points. Dele Alli scored in an impressive cameo appearance, but Spurs threw their lead away, and were ultimately lucky to draw 1-1 against Leicester City.

The first half featured very little action in both directions, save for the penalty Leicester should have had. Despite standing just five yards away from the play, Martin Atkinson didn't see Jan Vertonghen tug on Riyad Mahrez's shirt in the box, then foul him from behind. He could have given a penalty for either foul, but saw neither.

It took a while for Spurs to make a sub, with Alli eventually entering for Erik Lamela in the 65th minute. Fifteen minutes after that, he made the desired impact, scoring his first goal for Spurs. Harry Kane started the move and played the ball wide for Nacer Chadli, who hit a cross towards the center of the box. Kane and Wes Morgan clattered into each other, allowing the ball to fall for Alli, who pushed the ball into the back of the net with a diving header.

But Spurs were asleep off the kickoff and conceded an equalizer almost instantly. Mahrez -- the best player for either side on the day -- pulled his team level by picking up a knocked-down header by Jamie Vardy, then capitalizing on Jan Vertonghen's failure to close down by hitting a rocket shot into the top corner.

Leicester should have won the match, but were unlucky in the 88th minute when Hugo Lloris came up with a point-blank save he knew nothing about. Mahrez played a beautiful cross that Morgan headed at goal, but fortunately, it went right into the Tottenham keeper's chest.


- brb building Dele Alli shrine.

- I think we could hire Jose Mourinho and sign Sergio Busquets and we'd still give up leads in ridiculous fashion.

- Nacer Chadli is pretty useless ... except for all the times he contributes directly to goals, which is pretty often. The trade-off is probably worth it.

- Ryan Mason might have been our best non-Kane player. This is the third game in a row that he has been very good. I am willing to acknowledge I was wrong about him being too old to improve significantly, as he's clearly done so.

- Martin Atkinson was asleep. It wasn't just the missed penalty call, but he got tons of smaller decisions wrong and had lots of late whistles. Have fun in League Two next week, buddy.

- We need some pace down the wings so, so, so, so badly. Clinton's not enough. I think we need another fast wide player more than we need a striker.

- 2 points, 8 games still in play.