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Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris arrested for drunk driving

Spurs’ club captain made a huge mistake, and there’s no excuse for his actions.

Tottenham Hotspur v Fulham - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

We have breaking news coming out of north London this morning and it’s not the kind that you want to be hearing. Several news sources are now reporting that Tottenham Hotspur club captain and starting goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was arrested on Friday by Metropolitan Police and charged with drunk driving.

According to Metropolitan Police reports, Hugo was pulled over and subsequently arrested in the early hours this morning and spent several hours in police custody.

Look, I’m just going to come out and say it: this is really bad. It doesn’t matter that it’s a Tottenham Hotspur player or club captain or good person, which we all know Hugo is — driving while intoxicated is an awful thing to do. It’s wrong, it’s dangerous, and if this is indeed what happened then Hugo should rightfully face punishment for his actions. It doesn’t matter if he had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner or was out late partying on a Thursday night — there are no excuses for getting behind the wheel of a car while you are impaired from the consumption of alcohol. It’s an extremely disappointing thing to hear about from a player on a club that you support, and if you’d have asked me I would’ve put Hugo far down the list of Tottenham players who might do something like this.

It’s doubly disappointing, because there’s no way that a modern football club doesn’t have a system in place — like a car service — for situations like this. That Hugo would consider getting behind the wheel instead of calling for a Lyft or Uber is just mind-boggling.

The news apparently broke just after Mauricio Pochettino had completed his usual pre-match press conference, meaning the media were not given an opportunity to ask the Tottenham manager about Hugo or the reports. Thus far there has been no official word from the club, nor do we know if the allegations will have any impact on Pochettino’s lineup decisions for Monday’s match against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Everyone makes mistakes. Hugo just made a really big one. But even if we don’t know the exact circumstances, I can’t imagine there won’t be repercussions. This is the kind of thing that undermines Pochettino’s authority with all of his players, and his club captain making a mistake like this makes the impact doubly bad. Pochettino even talked about collective responsibility in players’ personal lives in Guillem Balague’s book released last year:

I am sure you want to be treated like adults – we explain, you listen, we practise, you improve. No rules off the pitch, no impositions, because if I don’t trust you to take responsibility and make decisions off the pitch, how can I expect you to do so on it? So, fine, we treat you like adults. But for that to continue, you have to behave like adults.

I’ve been here for two and a half years now and the progress we’ve made together is down to a certain sense of discipline that comes from doing everything collectively and with mutual respect for one another, as well as for the people around us who are here to help. Without that spirit, we’ll win nothing. I want more of that.

— Mauricio Pochettino/Guillem Balague, “Brave New World”

We’ll provide more updates as we learn of them.