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Conte throws self-described “selfish” Spurs squad under the bus after Soton draw

Naaaaaaah man he’s gotta go

It’s time for Spurs to sack Antonio Conte

With the season appearing lost, it’s time for Spurs to give a runway to another manager.

Tottenham Hotspur is caught between competing visions, to the benefit of no one

Spurs’ spat with the Supporters’ Trust only raises more questions about the Club’s long-term strategy.

Daniel Levy is the best thing to happen to Spurs, and it’s time for him to go

Spurs’ ascendency under Levy is undeniable, but if the club want to take the next step it should be under new leadership.

Conte’s latest comments on his future are just more of the same

This is the bargain with signing Conte: a proven winner, but an annoying wind-up merchant who moves the goalposts when it suits him.

Hugo Lloris’ statement on rainbow armbands in Qatar is gross and he should know better

Hugo could’ve stayed quiet on the matter. He didn’t and is getting dragged for it.

Opinion: On covering the World Cup in Qatar

What obligations does a Tottenham blog have in covering a controversial World Cup?

Tottenham must find a way to reassure supporters about Yves Bissouma, or walk away

UK libel laws make it difficult to talk about it. Spurs must find a way, or step back from this signing.

This season, for Tottenham Hotspur top four really was our everything

It’s not a trophy, but for this Spurs squad, it means just as much as one.

Tottenham fans need to chill out about Antonio Conte

He’s here, he’s clear-eyed, and he’s committed. Not everything is a crisis.

Tottenham Hotspur State of the Union

Now out of two competitions, let’s assess Tottenham Hotspur at the crossroads of the season.

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Perception, not Performance, is Ndombele's Problem

The situation surrounding Tanguy Ndombele has officially come to a head and I think we as fans need to take a moment to understand what got us here and what we can do to be more understanding of it.

Harry Kane is ALL IN on Antonio Conte

In his first mixed zone interview in a year, the Spurs striker has gotten his drive back.

Nuno Espírito Santo’s quick exit is another episode of mismanagement at Tottenham Hotspur

The journey to becoming a "big club" remains a difficult one to navigate for Spurs

Harry Kane needs to step up to help make Spurs relevant again

With Harry Kane staying at Spurs, could the decision to hold the star striker end up backfiring?

Harry Kane to stay at Tottenham Hotspur

After months of speculation and grandstanding, Kane has publicly re-committed himself to Spurs.

In Nuno Espírito Santo, Tottenham Hotspur found a means to an end

The manager symbolizes a plateau for the club

Hiring Gennaro Gattuso as Tottenham’s manager would be Daniel Levy’s biggest mistake

The club needs someone to bring the fanbase together. Gattuso does the exact opposite.

After the latest farce with Fonseca and Gattuso, it’s official: ENIC Out.

There. I’m saying it.

Paulo Fonseca isn’t the Tottenham manager we wanted, but he might be a hidden gem

It’s a weird appointment, but it might not be a bad one.

Spurs may have dodged a bullet by not hiring Antonio Conte

Tottenham may be better off without the Italian at the helm.

Harry Kane was passed over for Premier League Player of the Season and it’s absurd

I guess scoring the most goals AND tallying the most assists isn’t enough anymore.

Six Thoughts and Observations from Spurs’ Final Matchday

Taking a look at a few storylines that came as a result of Tottenham’s final matchday of the 2020/21 season.

Graham Potter is the anti-Mourinho. Spurs should hire him immediately.

If Spurs wanted to choose a new manager that was completely the opposite of the one they just sacked, Graham Potter is the guy.

Tottenham Hotspur is wounded, but Ryan Mason can start the healing

Over the past two years, Tottenham have been grievously hurt. Let the healing begin.

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An Appeal to My Fellow Football Fans

Football as we know it is about to change. It's up to us as fans to try to push it in the direction we'd like to see.

Jose Mourinho just threw his Spurs team under the bus. Again.

After Spurs’ fifth league loss in six matches, Mourinho doesn’t have time for introspection. It’s the players’ fault.

Marine vs. Tottenham Hotspur was a celebration of what makes football great

Goliath clobbered David, and yet everyone came away happy.

Mourinho’s scapegoating of Dele is unfair and the product of his worst impulses

Want to know why some Spurs fans still don’t like Jose? This is why.

Spurs owe recent form to more and better signings

A revolutionary idea, at least to our club

Can Eric Dier turn over a new leaf?

Dier has never exactly dazzled, but there’s potential—if minor—for a new chapter in his career.

Tottenham Hotspur Women are missing a golden opportunity for sustained WSL success

The high profile NWSL loans to clubs like Manchester City, United, and even West Ham are illuminating the lack of ambition and financial backing of Spurs Women.