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Tottenham Hotspur Previews

Where we put all of the previews for Spurs matches

Norwich vs. Tottenham Preview: One is the magic(alist) number

Tottenham is on the cusp of returning to the Champions League.

Tottenham vs. Burnley Preview: Dare. Dream. Do.

Spurs have to take care of their own business and hope the rest works itself out.

Tottenham vs. Arsenal Preview: Everything is on the line in the North London Derby

Tottenham will still need additional help, but nothing is more important than this derby.

Match Preview: Tottenham Hotspur Women v. Leicester City FC Women

Time for the season finale!

Liverpool vs. Tottenham Preview: Destiny cannot be controlled

Spurs need a win at a place they never win in order to keep their fate in their own hands.

Tottenham vs. Leicester Preview: The Danger Zone

One point in two matches have put Spurs’ top-four hopes on life support.

Match Preview: Tottenham Hotspur Women v. Chelsea FC Women

Good news: there are two games this week! Bad news: they’re both against Chelsea.

Brentford vs. Tottenham Preview: Spurs must reset and respond

The path to the Champions League was never going to be easy.

Tottenham vs. Brighton Preview: When it all comes together

Spurs are cruising, but the margins remain narrow.

Aston Villa vs. Tottenham Preview: The race is on

Spurs have everything to play for with eight matches remaining.

Match Preview: Tottenham Hotspur Women v. Aston Villa Women

Spurs Women get back into action against a stuttering side

Tottenham vs. Newcastle Preview: The grind starts now

A top four finish is possible, but Spurs have zero margin for error.

Match Preview: Tottenham Hotspur Women v. Chelsea FC Women

This is going to be a very exciting game and you should watch it!!!

West Ham United vs. Tottenham Hotspur Preview: Patterns or Patterns?

A chance for Spurs to break out of their win-loss cycle against a rival in the race for European football.

Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspur Preview: a momentum maintainer

An inconsistent Spurs head to Old Trafford against a vulnerable United with top four implications for both sides.

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Everton Preview: I just don’t think you understand

Tottenham welcome Dele back in another trap game.

Leeds vs. Tottenham Hotspur Preview: Surely it can’t happen AGAIN?

Tottenham Hotspur is giving us all whiplash. Can Spurs pick up a win and make their manager happy again?

Burnley vs. Tottenham Hotspur Preview: Has the tide finally turned?

A big win against the league leaders has suddenly infused Spurs with a jolt of energy.

Manchester City vs. Tottenham Preview: The results are bad and the path only gets tougher

Spurs are heading in the wrong direction at a terrible time.

Tottenham vs. Wolves Preview: Spurs at risk of an ill-timed slide

Back-to-back league defeats are moving Spurs behind the eight ball.

Tottenham vs. Southampton Preview: The squad is set and the mission is clear

The transfer window is closed and the revised roster has its eyes set on the top four.

Tottenham vs. Brighton Preview: A deep breath after a busy January

A Fourth Round FA Cup tie will be the first action for the new squad.

Manchester City Women vs. Tottenham Women: Conti Cup semifinal preview, how to watch

All Spurs Women have to do to make their first ever major tournament final is get past one of the best teams in England. Again.

Chelsea vs. Tottenham Preview: Could there actually be a race for third?

The League Cup semis were not competitive, but the gap between the rivals is shrinking in the table.

Leicester vs. Tottenham Preview: Let’s try this again

Spurs travel to Leicester to make up an earlier match that was postponed after both experiencing postponements over the weekend.

Tottenham vs. Arsenal Preview: The rubber meets the road for the bitter rivals

As always, the North London Derby comes with high stakes for both sides.

Tottenham vs. Chelsea Preview: Spurs face an uphill battle in the second leg

A rough first leg put Tottenham in a 2-0 hole in the semifinals.

Tottenham vs. Morecambe Preview: A reasonable tie in a month of chaos

Spurs begin the Third Round at home with a straightforward draw.

Chelsea vs. Tottenham Preview: Bring on the semifinals

Get ready for a lot of Chelsea.

Watford vs. Tottenham Preview: Fighting through the frustration

Spurs can feel robbed by Tuesday’s draw but have no time to wallow.

Southampton vs. Tottenham Preview: Right back at it

No rest during the holiday season (postponements excluded).

Tottenham vs. Palace Preview: Round two somehow begins already

The season continues to pick up speed.