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Tottenham Hotspur Previews

Where we put all of the previews for Spurs matches

Tottenham vs. Wolves Preview: Fully fueled

Fourth-place Spurs are at full strength and ready to roll.

Tottenham vs. Brighton Preview: The right time for reinforcements

Trusting the process is a little easier at full strength.

Everton vs. Tottenham Preview: Unapologetically uncompromising

Spurs are betting it on all their style and it appears to be working.

Tottenham vs. Brentford Preview: All of the chips

The mission was clear before but even more straightforward now.

Tottenham vs. City Preview: The immoveable object

Spurs drew the toughest team in the country, but City drew their worst nightmare.

United vs. Tottenham Preview: The beauty of belief

Spurs remain shorthanded but have their goals remain alive and well.

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Burnley Preview: A two-front season

Even without many fixtures this season, Spurs have lacked available bodies.

Tottenham vs. Bournemouth Preview: Just trying to survive

It was a predictable bump, but the road does not get smoother going forward.

Brighton vs. Tottenham Preview: Stacking up presents

Spurs have a chance to make it four straight for the third time this season.

Tottenham vs. Everton Preview: In-form clubs meet ahead of Christmas

The Toffees are on a roll, but Spurs are back to winning as well.

Forest vs. Tottenham Preview: All is right again

The result finally matched the performance!

Tottenham vs. Newcastle United Preview: Idk

Trust the process?

Tottenham vs. West Ham Preview: Inching back

Spurs got a key result Sunday and now look to finally get back to winning ways.

City vs. Tottenham Preview: Explainable, but still painful

It has been a rough stretch for Spurs that will likely last at least another week.

Tottenham vs. Villa Preview: No breathers

Spurs need to stop the bleeding but face a tough match on Sunday.

Wolves vs. Tottenham Preview: Like cleaning up after a hurricane

The fallout from the Chelsea clash will be felt for weeks.

Tottenham vs. Chelsea Preview: Resist the narrative

What could possibly go wrong?

Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham Preview: Another weeknight London derby

First-place Spurs have a chance to make the lead five — at least for a night.

Tottenham vs. Fulham Preview: Spurs look at stay up top and extinguish only blemish

The Cottagers provided this season’s lone blemish...though much was self-inflicted.

Luton vs. Tottenham Preview: Dramatic wins are fun, but so are easy three points

After a wild three-match stretch, Spurs can hopefully get a little breather.

Tottenham Hotspur Women 2023-2024 Season Preview

Honestly what is even happening?

Tottenham vs. Liverpool Preview: To slay a dragon

No team has caused Spurs more problems as of late, but can Postecoglou break through?

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Preview: No bigger test

The start to the Ange Postecoglou era has been nearly perfect, but nothing compares to a North London Derby.

Tottenham vs. Sheffield United: Full speed ahead

Spurs are back from the break and back to their free-flowing style.

Burnley vs. Tottenham Preview: No distractions, no excuses

There may be more bumps ahead, but Spurs have no reason to not seize each league fixture now.

Fulham vs. Tottenham Preview: Welcome to the League Cup Second Round

Spurs enter the competition a round earlier than normal yet still draw top-flight opponents.

Bournemouth vs. Tottenham Preview: New-look Spurs are rolling

Just two weeks in, the club’s trajectory already seems vastly improved.

Tottenham vs. United Preview: In search of more than just vibes

As expected, Spurs are more fun, but winning matches is fun too.

Brentford vs. Tottenham Preview: A breath of fresh air

The new season begins with a refreshingly positive outlook.

Leeds vs. Tottenham Preview: Sweet release

Good riddance, 2022/23.

Tottenham vs. Brentford Preview: Home finale

Just two matches remain in this forgettable season.

Villa vs. Tottenham Preview: A fight worth fighting...maybe

A win Saturday makes Spurs quite likely to play in Europe next season.