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Tottenham Hotspur Previews

Where we put all of the previews for Spurs matches

Chelsea vs. Tottenham Preview: Could there actually be a race for third?

The League Cup semis were not competitive, but the gap between the rivals is shrinking in the table.

Leicester vs. Tottenham Preview: Let’s try this again

Spurs travel to Leicester to make up an earlier match that was postponed after both experiencing postponements over the weekend.

Tottenham vs. Arsenal Preview: The rubber meets the road for the bitter rivals

As always, the North London Derby comes with high stakes for both sides.

Tottenham vs. Chelsea Preview: Spurs face an uphill battle in the second leg

A rough first leg put Tottenham in a 2-0 hole in the semifinals.

Tottenham vs. Morecambe Preview: A reasonable tie in a month of chaos

Spurs begin the Third Round at home with a straightforward draw.

Chelsea vs. Tottenham Preview: Bring on the semifinals

Get ready for a lot of Chelsea.

Watford vs. Tottenham Preview: Fighting through the frustration

Spurs can feel robbed by Tuesday’s draw but have no time to wallow.

Southampton vs. Tottenham Preview: Right back at it

No rest during the holiday season (postponements excluded).

Tottenham vs. Palace Preview: Round two somehow begins already

The season continues to pick up speed.

Tottenham vs. West Ham Preview: A quick detour before a busy week ahead

Spurs are back in action and so is the Carabao Cup.

Tottenham vs. Liverpool Preview: To play or not to play

There might be a match this weekend. Also might not be.

Leicester vs. Tottenham Preview: Are we back?

Hopefully Spurs are healthy enough to resume play this week.

Tottenham vs. Rennes Conference League Preview: Win or die

Spurs are fighting for their European life on Thursday.

Tottenham vs. Norwich Preview: Skipping up the table

Is Antonio Conte unlocking this team’s potential?

Tottenham vs. Brentford Preview: Assuming the weather holds up

Spurs had an unexpected week off after Sunday’s postponement in Burnley.

Burnley vs. Tottenham Preview: Spurs still figuring out life under Conte

Early days for the new manager, but every point is vital right now.

Mura vs. Tottenham Preview: The annual trip east

It would not be the Conference League without a visit to Central Europe.

Tottenham vs. Leeds Preview: Time to get to work

Antonio Conte can finally start building out his vision for this squad.

Women’s North London Derby preview: maybe this time it happens?

On Saturday, Spurs will try again to do something they’ve never done: beat Arsenal.

Everton vs. Tottenham Preview: Better late than never

Welcome back to the Premier League, Antonio Conte.

Tottenham vs. Vitesse Preview: Nuno gives way to new life

Daniel Levy decided enough was enough.

Tottenham vs. Manchester United Preview: The seats are getting hot

Two managers enter with support dwindling by the week.

Burnley vs. Tottenham Preview: Spurs attempt to advance to the quarterfinals

Expect a heavily rotated side again, however.

West Ham vs. Tottenham Preview: A chance to see how much has changed

Bring on the banter...

Vitesse vs. Tottenham Preview: Another quick Thursday trip in Europe

Spurs would be in good shape with three points on Thursday.

Newcastle vs. Tottenham Preview: Another Premier League wealth infusion

Massive changes are afoot at St James’ Park.

Brighton WFC vs. Spurs Women preview: Tottenham aim to keep unbeaten streak alive Sunday

Win on Sunday at Brighton and Spurs start the season 5-0... with the sky as the limit.

Tottenham vs. Villa Preview: Panic! at the Lane

In a word: woof.

Tottenham vs. Mura Preview: Boring would be fine

Nothing will be solved on Thursday, but a win is a necessity.

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Preview: Spurs need a win in the North London Derby

This is a chance for Tottenham to get back on track.

Wolves vs. Tottenham Preview: Someone stop the bleeding

Nuno and Spurs return to Molineux in much worse shape.

Tottenham vs. Chelsea Preview: An early London derby will be a key measuring stick

Another huge test for Spurs and their new manager.