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Tottenham Hotspur Previews

Where we put all of the previews for Spurs matches

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Leeds United Preview: The end for now

A win would close a strange chapter on a high note.

Nottingham Forest vs. Tottenham Hotspur Preview: Because the calendar needs even more fixtures

The League Cup arrives with most minds focused elsewhere.

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Liverpool Preview: Surviving

The end is near for Spurs which just three fixtures remaining before the World Cup.

Marseille vs. Tottenham Preview: Spurs need a point to enter the knockout phase

A frustrating VAR decision makes Tuesday’s match utterly important.

Bournemouth vs. Tottenham Preview: Closing out a less-than-cheery October

Spurs absolutely must crush a struggling Bournemouth.

Tottenham vs. Sporting Preview: Win and advance

Despite plenty of frustrations, Spurs have a chance to win the group on Wednesday.

Tottenham vs. Newcastle Preview: Still searching for a solution

The formation change has not quite brought the desired spark.

Manchester United vs. Tottenham Preview: No reprieve in the schedule this fall

Spurs look to reverse fortune against United from a rough 2021/22.

Tottenham vs. Everton Preview: Spurs go for three straight for the first time this season

It has been a productive week despite the off-pitch tragedy.

Tottenham vs. Eintracht Preview: A win to stay hopeful

Spurs really need three points to keep their Champions League goals on track.

Brighton vs. Tottenham Preview: Get ready for another difficult top-four battle

Brighton are no joke, and this is setting up for another frustrating performance.

Eintracht vs. Tottenham Preview: The road does not get any easier

The Champions League rolls on with the margin for error rapidly shrinking.

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Preview: It may be early in the season, but the stakes feel high already

North London Derbies are always scary, but this one is even more tense.

Tottenham Hotspur Women: a 2022-23 Season Preview

It’s time!!!!!

Tottenham vs. Leicester Preview: A breaking dam or a wakeup call

The season’s first loss feels like a big inflection point.

Sporting vs. Tottenham Preview: A prime opportunity for a strong Champions League start

Spurs have the rare opportunity for back-to-back Champions League victories without any match in between.

Tottenham vs. Marseille Preview: Spurs are back in the Champions League with a clear opportunity

After a two-season absence, Tottenham returns to the biggest stage.

Tottenham vs. Fulham Preview: A wake-up call and chance to move on

Spurs’ mundaneness finally came back to bite them during the midweek.

West Ham vs. Tottenham Preview: Finding quality amidst the quantities

The possession stats are low but the number of fixtures is not.

Forest vs. Tottenham Preview: Seeing both the forest and the trees

Spurs must continue to get the needed results through the opening stretch of fixtures.

Tottenham vs. Wolves Preview: What a year it has been

This August’s Wolves fixture feels just a little different than 12 months ago.

Match Preview: Tottenham Hotspur Women v. Tokyo Verdy Beleza at The Women’s Cup

Who are Tokyo Verdy Beleza and what should you expect?

Match Preview: Tottenham Hotspur Women v. Club America Femenil at The Women’s Cup

If you saw me sprinting through Dulles yesterday, no you didn’t.

Chelsea vs. Tottenham Preview: Water under the Bridge

Spurs hope to move past last year’s biggest struggle.

Tottenham vs. Southampton Preview: The Premier League is back and expectations are rising

Last season’s exciting finish has the bar raised heading into the new year.

Norwich vs. Tottenham Preview: One is the magic(alist) number

Tottenham is on the cusp of returning to the Champions League.

Tottenham vs. Burnley Preview: Dare. Dream. Do.

Spurs have to take care of their own business and hope the rest works itself out.

Tottenham vs. Arsenal Preview: Everything is on the line in the North London Derby

Tottenham will still need additional help, but nothing is more important than this derby.

Match Preview: Tottenham Hotspur Women v. Leicester City FC Women

Time for the season finale!

Liverpool vs. Tottenham Preview: Destiny cannot be controlled

Spurs need a win at a place they never win in order to keep their fate in their own hands.

Tottenham vs. Leicester Preview: The Danger Zone

One point in two matches have put Spurs’ top-four hopes on life support.

Match Preview: Tottenham Hotspur Women v. Chelsea FC Women

Good news: there are two games this week! Bad news: they’re both against Chelsea.