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Tottenham reportedly weighing bid for Andy Najar

Spurs could dip into Belgium for a Honduran.

Valerio Pennicino

Tottenham Hotspur are interested in Andy Najar, at least to some degree. According to the Star, scouts from club were at Anderlecht's last Champions League match to check out the Honduras international and will be in attendance again when the Belgian club play Arsenal next matchday.

The report says that Najar has been valued at £4 million, which is a pretty reasonable fee. It doesn't say exactly how interested Spurs are, though. Are they read to put in a bid and just determining how much to bid, or are they unsure whether they really want Najar? We have no idea, but apparently they are interested in making the move this January, if they decide to buy him.

Najar isn't ready to feature for Spurs right now, but he is just 21 years old and has been improving ever since his first professional season with D.C. United in 2010. He was a regular for Anderlecht last season, his first full year with the club since leaving MLS, and has been so again this year. The media has been complimentary of his play and has pegged him to make a big jump in the next year or two.

The big question for Najar is what position should he play. He's been looked at as an attacking winger, but he's also played as a wingback before. He's certainly going to play wide, but where on the outside is still unclear and probably depends on his manager because he is plenty capable at multiple spots.

Najar would fit the direction Spurs appear to be going under Mauricio Pochettino. He's going with younger players, who may not be capable of playing right away, but have potential and can be molded. Pochettino has shown he can do a great job developing players and Najar could be his next project. Of course, that assumes that Spurs deem him good enough to grow into a top player. The scouts are still trying to figure that out.