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Aaron Lennon doesn't want to leave ... yet

Jamie McDonald

Aaron Lennon isn't playing much for Tottenham Hotspur this season, and he's going to continue to be a backup for the foreseeable future. There's no reason to believe that Erik Lamela or Nacer Chadli will be losing their place anytime soon, while Andros Townsend is ahead of him as well, and Harry Kane is getting chances to play on the wing.

This means there are going to be a lot of rumors about Lennon getting sold this January. They're already starting to pop up, but they're all being presented in the context of him not wanting to leave.

Here's what Tom Collomosse of the London Evening Standard had to say about Lennon's potential departure, or lack thereof.

Lennon is valued at between £8million and £10m but even if Spurs could persuade a club to meet that asking price, it is thought Lennon is not in a rush to depart. His wages, which are about £55,000 a week, could also prove a stumbling block.

Yep, it's tough to see any team that would actually start Lennon being willing to pay £8m to get him, then pay him £55k a week. That number is no longer astronomical for the likes of Hull City and Swansea City, but it's still quite large, and would make him among the highest paid players on a team like those. Plus, injuries and fixture congestion change things, and there are plenty of circumstances that could lead to Lennon getting an opportunity.

But if the holiday period comes and goes without Lennon making a serious breakthrough? It's probably in his best interest to look at moving on, especially since Mauricio Pochettino isn't going anywhere.