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Napoli after Sandro and Fellaini, but will probably only buy one

There's been no movement on the Sandro to Napoli front, but that doesn't mean the potential deal is dead.

Jamie McDonald

Tottenham Hotspur haven't been able to lock up Morgan Schneiderlin yet, while Southampton insist he will not be sold. There were rumors earlier in the summer about Sandro potentially going to Serie A, but they've stalled. Wonder if all this means Spurs are staying put?

Well, not quite, as much as I'd prefer that (at least at the defensive midfield spot). Alfredo Pedulla says that Napoli are still interested in Sandro, despite recent silence and the Neapolitans' interest in Manchester United midfielder Marouane FellainiAurelio De Laurentiis confirmed that Napoli are interested in Fellaini, but that he's only one of many potential targets. Basically, they'd like to sign whichever one of Fellaini or Sandro represents better value for money. It's not clear who that is yet.

Napoli have reportedly bid €9m, while Pedulla says Spurs are holding out for at least €12m. Fellaini would presumably cost even more than that, but it's possible that United are willing to cut their losses in order to get him out the door and get his wages off the books. If Louis van Gaal has no plans to use Fellaini at all, United are going to take a bigger loss by holding out for a good fee than they would by just letting him go.

Ultimately, Napoli will probably pay somewhere in the €12-15m range for one of these players. I have no idea which one is more likely to go.