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Barcelona sniffing around Kyle Walker

Stu Forster

Kyle Walker is injured, doesn't yet have a backup that anyone deems capable of starting for Spurs and still gets slagged off by a group of fans who believe that it's still 2011. And yet, buried in an article by the Daily Mail about Tottenham Hotspur players who could leave, is this bit about Walker going to FC Barcelona.

Tottenham have no desire to sell Walker but would consider suitable offers for the others.

Barcelona are understood to have put Walker's name down as one of their options to replace Dani Alves but the England international is not top of that list.

Of course, to replace Dani Alves, Barca first have to sell Dani Alves. They haven't found a buyer yet, and it seems pretty unlikely that they're going to find anyone who wants to pay his very, very high wages, or that he'll be willing to take a massive pay cut. Alves probably isn't going anywhere.

But let's just imagine for a second that Barcelona do find a buyer for Alves, and that they're in the market for a new right back. The guys who are at the top of their list are impossible to obtain and they make an offer for Walker. How much money are they throwing down? How much do we think we can get out of them? At what price is it worth risking having to play Kyle Naughton and Ryan Fredericks for six months? And how much of a fit would Walker throw if Spurs told Barca he's absolutely not for sale?

I don't know the answers to any of these questions, but I'm certainly curious what all of you think.