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Townsend-Remy swap deal rejected by ... QPR?

Matthias Hangst

We've heard rumors of a swap deal between Queens Park Rangers and Tottenham Hotspur involving Loic Remy and Andros Townsend, but never expected it to happen. They might be worth similar fees on the open market, but Spurs have more solid strikers on big wages than they do wingers. Townsend is younger than Remy and on much smaller wages. It's not a good deal.

So we're not surprised to learn that the deal won't happen, but apparently it's not because it was a bad deal for Spurs. It's because QPR owner Tony Fernandes has nixed the deal, apparently because Fernandes doesn't want to let him go.

This is odd, mostly because Harry Redknapp doesn't seem to be terribly keen on him. However, he would make an excellent partner for Charlie Austin if QPR are rolling with a 3-5-2 formation this season. If Fernandes is okay with paying his wages, Remy's a great fit for QPR.

But if they rejected it because they didn't think it represented good value? Well, they'd be wrong. Given that Redknapp seems to rate Townsend highly and not care too much for Remy, as well as the fact that it's an immediate financial win for QPR, is an odd vote of no confidence in the manager's ability to identify talent and build his squad.

I'm also not sure why Spurs want Remy at all when no one is willing to take Emmanuel Adebayor or Roberto Soldado's wages off their hands. All of this is dumb. The transfer window is dumb.