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Michael Dawson sold to Hull City

Vaya con dios, Daws

Jamie McDonald

Following Hull City's draw against Stoke today, manager Steve Bruce announced that Hull have reached an agreement with Spurs for Michael Dawson.

No details on the fee yet, but this has been rumored virtually all summer. Reports have indicated that Dawson didn't want to move, so we can only assume that either Hull sweetened their deal for the centerback or he finally realized he wasn't going to get minutes with our club this year.

While Dawson leaving was probably inevitable and undoubtedly makes us a better team, we should remember how important Dawson has been to Spurs. He was a key part of our rise back to the upper tier of English football and displayed the kind of passion for our club that every fan wishes they would see out of their players. He may not be good enough for Spurs anymore, but he'll always be an important part of Tottenham.

See you at the crossroads, Daws.