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Hamburg to move for Holtby?

Tottenham CAM surplus to requirements moving to Hamburg. Where have I seen this before?

Paul Gilham

Remember when we bought Lewis Holtby for a cut rate price and thought this brilliant bit of business gave us the future of our midfield? We've come a long way, baby. According to Goal, Hamburg is currently thinking about a move for the Tottenham midfielder as either a loan or a permanent purchase.

Holtby came to Spurs on the back of a promising period at Schalke, but he has never been able to recapture that form in London. Despite some impressive substitute appearances, Holtby has never really been able to lock down a starting place at Spurs and the purchase of Christian Eriksen did him few favors. He fell out of favor with our past two managers to the extent that he was sent on loan to Fulham last year. He has only had one substitute appearance so far this year, but it's probably too early to say whether or not he's in Poch's plans or not. Still, Spurs have an over abundance of midfielders and it'd not crazy to think that a move back to Germany might be best for both sides.

Amusingly, this move might happen because Hamburg are unsure about the future of former Spur Rafael Van Der Vaart. With only one year left on his contract,  Rafa is being courted by Turkish side Trabzonspor as well as QPR. Personally I think watching Rafa complain about whatever manager replaces Harry in December would make him a fantastic addition to the Premier League.