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AC Milan chasing Tottenham striker

Spurs may have a choice to unload Roberto Soldado.

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

Roberto Soldado has been a massive disappointment ever since coming over from Valencia for a then-club record fee last summer, and now Tottenham Hotspur may have figured out a way to dump him -- to AC Milan. The club reportedly have him on a shortlist as they try to replace Mario Balotelli.

As ridiculous as that list looks, it's not entirely unsurprising for a Milan club that is in total disarray. They seemingly go after names, and these fit.

For Spurs, they have to ask themselves what price they would be willing to sell Soldado out. If they sell him, they are going to take a massive loss on the striker and get nowhere near the fee they paid for him, but they would also get out from his very high wages.

Soldado had a good preseason, but if the first two matches of the season are any indication, he is still behind Emmanuel Adebayor on the striker totem poll. Harry Kane may be ahead of him too -- that's a little more complicated because of the way Kane can play as a goalscoring winger -- but even if the  youngster isn't, Soldado is still going to get most of his playing time in cups and the Europa League.

If Milan are serious and willing to take Soldado off of Spurs' hands, Tottenham will be in an interesting spot: do they cut their losses now or continue to pay Soldado his high wages and pray he can turn it around?