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Hamburg chairman confirms interest in Lewis Holtby

Jan Kruger

Earlier today, we heard that Bundesliga club Hamburg SV would like to sign Lewis Holtby. Apparently, they're not going to pull any punches here. They're just coming out and saying they want to sign him. Here's the ever-reliable Daniel Busch.

For those unfamiliar with Dan, he's a lot like @Spurspanyol, in that he does a really good job of aggregating and translating the German media sources it's not easy for us to keep track of ourselves.

So, what about the possibility of selling Lewis Holtby? It's pretty clear that he's not first choice for Mauricio Pochettino, though he's not completely out of the team. He doesn't look to be more out of the picture than Mousa Dembele or Paulinho, and he's certainly more in the picture than Sandro. Maybe Spurs want to sell whichever one of them can collect the biggest fee and don't really care which one goes. It's possible that Holtby is that guy.

And if he does go, I won't be sad. We'll lose great hair and a better instagram account, but Holtby hasn't been great for Spurs and there's no reason to believe he's going to become a star for us. That his biggest suitor seems to be HSV is evidence of that.