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Soldado and Townsend are not for sale

For now at least

Mike Hewitt

If there's one thing the press loves to do more than talk about how many managers Spurs have fired, it's link our players with moves to other clubs.

Like everyone else we bought last year not from Denmark, Roberto Soldado had a disappointing season in 2013/14 and has been linked to moves away from Spurs all summer. Reports of his injury, forcing him out of tomorrow's Europa league game, have only fueled speculation that he is on his way out. Meanwhile, Andros Townsend hasn't been getting a ton of a minutes AND Southampton has shown significant interest in acquiring him. Cryptic tweets from his father have not done much to quell speculation about a potential sale.

Well, all of this doesn't seem to mean much because according to our manager they're not going anywhere.

The speculation about Soldado's sale makes little sense. He's a striker approaching thirty coming off a terrible year. Spurs would almost certainly have to sell him at a massive loss, if they were able to sell him at all. And that doesn't even factor whether or not the club believes they can get anything out of him this year.

Andros, on the other hand, is a more interesting case. He is a young, promising player who came out of our academy and English clubs are loathe to sell those. Still, Andros' game can often be described as frustrating and we have a surplus of wing players at the moment. If Southampton is really offering £12 million for him and willing to play ball on Schneiderlin, then selling him wouldn't be the craziest move we could make. Still, he is young and promising so if he is not for sale it's hardly a surprise.

So there you have it: Roberto and Andros are not for sale. Until they are, that is.