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Real Madrid now linked to Tottenham striker

Real Madrid are a really big club. And they want Roberto Soldado?

Clive Rose

Many people want Tottenham Hotspur to sell Roberto Soldado and eve those who don't aren't counting on him becoming a great striker. And yet Real Madrid want him?

That doesn't make much sense. Real Madrid could have, well, anyone, and they want Soldado?

It's true that Real Madrid are desperate for strikers. Karim Benzema is the only one on their roster and Alvaro Morata, who was their backup last season before leaving for Juventus in the summer, played in more than 30 matches. So it's safe to assume that for 30 matches, even if just for part of them, Real Madrid will need another striker. It's why they were linked to Falcao and now, Javier Hernandez. But Soldado?

Falcao doesn't look set to happen and Hernandez, while coming off a terrible year, has shown he can stand in front of goal and put the ball in the net when the ball finds him, which it would often with Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. But again, Soldado?

This one just doesn't make sense, but if they want to throw a few bucks Spurs' way and take on those wages, by all means.