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Deal for Marouane Fellaini could end Napoli interest in Sandro

There's only room for one giant midfield signing at the San Paolo.

Jamie McDonald

If our friends at Sky Sport Italia -- via SB Nation's Napoli blog The Siren's Song -- are to be believed, Manchester United have caved a bit on their demands for Marouane Fellaini. Apparently, Louis van Gaal rates him so lowly that he's willing to loan him out on partially subsidized wages, and probably with an option to buy for about half of what United paid for him last summer.

How does this relate to Tottenham Hotspur? Well, Napoli are the club that have been most strongly linked with Sandro throughout the summer. Morgan Schneiderlin appears to be Mauricio Pochettino's No. 1 transfer target, and to fit him into the squad, Spurs are apparently willing to let go of Sandro. Trouble is, Daniel Levy is -- as usual -- holding out for a few million Euros more than Napoli want to pay.

It's likely that Rafa Benitez sees Sandro and Fellaini operating in the same space in his 4-2-3-1, so he's only interested in signing one of them, not both. If the Fellaini deal is actually going through -- and who knows, Sky Italia really like throwing darts while blindfolded -- it'll probably end Napoli's interest in Sandro.

For people like me who would rather see Sandro stick around than see us sell him for half of what we're going to pay for Schneiderlin, that's a good thing. For the brass at Tottenham, who clearly don't rate him as highly as I do, it's bad. They'll have to find new buyers, and based on his injury troubles last year, that might be hard.