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Tottenham will not be moving Adebayor or Soldado this window

According to Greg Stobart, Adebayor doesn't want to leave and Soldado has no interested buyers.

Brian Kersey

Kevin rattled a few cages yesterday by suggesting we were in a gut job. If we were, turns out that today that gut job will not extend to the top of Pochettino's formation.

Stobart has been on top of Spurs news for most of the window, so what he's saying is probably fairly reliable. Logically, it makes sense as well. Adebayor has a nice contract here that no one else will pay for him, and with Spurs loathe to likely subsidize any possible transfer contract his desire to move will be minor at best. As for Soldado, the idea of the 26 million pound man moving after a year for a massive loss was unlikely anyways for someone like Levy, and the lack of a market for the striker just puts the issue to rest as it is.

The news would appear to solidify the strike force going into the season, the idea of Spurs carrying four strikers seeming a remote possibility. That means your likely strikers for 2013-14 are going to be Emmanuel Adebayor, Harry Kane, and Roberto Soldado. As noted Pochettino seems to favor a one center forward approach, so that gives us more than enough depth for the coming season. Obviously none of the choices inspires worlds of confidence in the fanbase, the exception being Kane's potential, but it's a serviceable group that should get the job done if the wingers are more incisive this season under Pochettino.