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Levy will leave it late again this summer


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Steve Bardens

Did you think Spurs had changed with the addition of Franco Baldini, and that they'd get business done early in the window under the new director of football model? Too bad!

They've run into complications while trying to sign Morgan Schneiderlin and Mateo Musacchio, but they're not backing off either transfer, or throwing down a big stack of cash to get the deals done quickly either. The Telegraph are reporting that Spurs are willing to be patient and wait to get the pair.

Last year, Tottenham Hotspur got most of their transfer business done pretty early. They had a lot of money that the teams they were dealing with didn't know they had, and were able to get good deals on a lot of players before selling Gareth Bale. This was a departure from Spurs' usual transfer strategy, which is to do everything in the last couple hours of the window. It looks like we might be headed back to the old ways, even though we're trying to get things done a bit faster.

Musacchio and Schneiderlin are both great talents and good enough to start for Spurs, but not good enough to break the bank for. Hopefully Daniel Levy, Mauricio Pochettino and Baldini have backup plans in place if there's been no movement by this time next week, but I've got a bad feeling we'll be in for an eventful deadline day.