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Spurs get closer to Musacchio capture

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Mateo Musacchio isn't a Tottenham Hotspur player yet, but Villarreal might be a bit closer to selling him. He won't be included in the Yellow Submarine squad for their next preseason friendly and they're close to signing a replacement. David Cartlidge passed along the news.

Villarreal later announced Ruiz's signing. However, when Villarreal boss Marcelinho spoke about the deal on Friday, he made it sound like it Musacchio's exit wasn't any closer.

I'm sure they have stalled, since Spurs aren't willing to pay his buyout clause and Villarreal haven't figured out how to either get River Plate to back off or forcefully take more of the player's economic rights. But Villarreal probably wouldn't be signing Ruiz unless they thought Musacchio was on the way out, nor would they be leaving him out of their friendly squad.

Some more chips have to fall into place for Spurs in regard to Musacchio's triple ownership situation for this deal to go through, but it seems like Villarreal is confident about that happening. Hopefully this is resolved for good next week.