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Zeki Fryers set for Crystal Palace

Mike Hewitt

Zeki Fryers has improved enough to play his way onto the fringes of the Tottenham Hotspur squad, but Mauricio Pochettino and co. seem to have decided that he doesn't have much of a future at White Hart Lane. Rather than waiting to see if he improves more over the next year, they're opting to sell highish now, with Crystal Palace likely to sign him.

According to Sky Sports, Palace have agreed to a fee with Spurs and are very likely to sign him. They offer no information about Pochettino's thoughts on Fryers, or whether Fryers has agreed to personal terms, but he'd probably like getting a small raise and going to a Premier League club where he's likely to get playing time.

Palace have a limited budget and a pretty small squad, so a player like Fryers ticks a lot of boxes for them. He can fill in at both left back and central defense, and the probability of him having good resale value is high. He'll probably also be willing to stick around if they get relegated, and would ultimately become one of their stars in that situation.

If this goes down, it's probably a good move for everyone involved.