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Spurs to sign Jay Rodriguez in swap deal with Southampton?

Jay Rodriguez rumors are back!

Jamie McDonald

Tottenham Hotspur and Southampton could work out an Andros Townsend for Jay Rodriguez swap deal, according to the Mail. Spurs want a forward before the transfer window closes and Rodriguez could be it.

If the many rumors are any indication, Southampton want Townsend and Spurs want Rodriguez. The Saints reportedly already bid on Townsend, only to have Spurs turn them down, while Mauricio Pochettino encouraged Tottenham to sign Rodriguez earlier this summer.

Most people would agree that Rodriguez is a better player than Townsend, so their being rated roughly the same value is odd. People still have a rather high opinion of Townsend, even if there isn't much evidence to support it. The one thing that is definitely dragging down Rodriguez's value, though, is a torn ACL. He suffered the injury last April, ruling him out of the World Cup, and will not return until October.

While Spurs would like a player who could play right away, Rodriguez is quality. He notched 17 goals before going down hurt last season and became a key player for England. That he's played under Pochettino and knows his system only makes him more appealing for Tottenham.

This swap deal seems a little too good to be true, but don't be surprised to see Spurs take another run at Rodriguez before the deadline. Maybe It's a straight transfer, or maybe it's for Townsend and cash, but it seems unlikely that Tottenham don't at least take a swing at the forward.