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Swansea put £24 million price tag on Spurs transfer target

If Spurs want Wilfried Bony, they will have to pay up.

Scott Heavey

Tottenham Hotspur have been linked to Wilfried Bony, and if they are to sign him it will cost them £24 million, according to the Standard. Rumors also have Liverpool chasing the Swansea striker.

The £24 million price tag Swansea have reportedly slapped on Bony makes sense. They paid £12 million for him a year ago and a 25-goal campaign will have done wonder for his value. The Swans aren't desperate for money and Bony's contract runs through 2017 so there is no reason for the Welsh side to sell the Ivorian striker unless they get a fat chunk of change, and £24 million is just that.

It's no secret that Spurs want another forward, possibly a traditional striker to improve a group currently led by Emmanuel Adebayor, or possibly a goal-scoring winger. Mauricio Pochettino wants to give the attack more punch and Bony would certainly do that.

The 25-year-old hasn't scored a goal this season, but he's done well to hold the ball up, make smart runs and the Swans attack has flourished because of it. It's one thing to score goals, and last season proved Bony can do that, but to combine that with a good all-around game makes a striker much more valuable. Bony is that, and Swansea knows it, so while Spurs would definitely be upgraded by buying him, they'll have to pay up.