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Lewis Holtby undergoing medical to complete loan move

Spurs are set to let Holtby join HSV on loan with an option to buy.

Jamie McDonald

Lewis Holtby looks like he is out the door. The long-rumored loan move that would see him join Hamburg will be wrapped up once he has his medical, which is set for this morning.

It's no surprise that the deal comes with an option to buy. HSV undoubtedly want to have the choice of buying him if he has a tremendous season and Tottenham will be happy to oblige with a price they are comfortable selling at.

Holtby joined Spurs with plenty of hype. He was a brilliant young player who most figured would take the next step at White Hart Lane, becoming the playmaker in the Tottenham midfield, but it never panned out. That's not to say that Holtby was bad, because he wasn't, but he didn't live up to expectations.

Had Tottenham kept Holtby, it would have been perfectly fine. He could be a bench option and bring some energy to the squad, but it won't happen. He'll get to return to Germany and play every match. He may even bring Spurs a tidy fee next summer, which would be nice for a man Tottenham signed for just £2 million. Nobody loses in this deal, except our hearts because Holtby is adorable.