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Monaco line up Tottenham striker as replacement for Falcao

Monaco could replace Falcao with Soldado.

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Clive Rose

Tottenham Hotspur may have found a buyer for Roberto Soldado: Monaco. According to the Telegraph, Monaco are lining up Soldado as a replacement for Radamel Falcao, who looks set to leave the club today.

It's no surprise that Spurs are looking for someone to take Soldado. He had a disastrous first season at Tottenham and if the first couple weeks of this campaign are any indication, Mauricio Pochettino has little use for him. If someone is willing to pay a meaningful amount -- reportedly £13 million -- then Spurs will be happy to sell him and move on without the disappointing frontman.

The question is whether Monaco would be willing to pay up for Soldado. It is possible that they may try to get Soldado on loan, so they didn't have to cough up the £13 million, and Tottenham would certainly have to consider it. Soldado is on big wages and if Monaco is willing to pay them for a year to take him on loan, Spurs may say okay.

Falcao looks certain to leave Monaco. Their owner is no longer willing to take huge losses to build a winner so they're cutting costs. That means getting rid of Falcao's wages, and bringing in a fat chunk of change for him. That's why Real Madrid, Manchester City and Arsenal are all trying to sign him, but Monaco aren't going to completely throw in the towel. They'll need a replacement up top, and that is where Soldado could come in.