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Tottenham slap £16 million price tag on Sandro

This seems a little excessive.

Bryn Lennon

Sandro is a really good player when fit, but he hasn't been consistently fit in more than a year and a half. Tottenham Hotspur don't have much use for him either, with Etienne Capoue and (soon) Benjamin Strambouli in as holding midfielders. And yet Spurs are demanding £16 million for Sandro, according to the Mail.

Oh, Daniel Levy, you so crazy.

Or Mail,you so crazy.

£16 million for Sandro is crazy. We love him and know how good he can be, but that's not his realistic value right now. Not after so many injuries. If Levy can get £16 million for the Brazilian, it would be one of his most brilliant moves ever.

Queens Park Rangers are the most notable team interested in signing Sandro. Harry Redknapp wants to manage Sandro again, and for good reason, considering how good the Brazilian was for Redknapp. He also had interest from Serie A, with Napoli chasing him hardest, but they no longer have a need for a defensive midfielder.

There isn't a lot of demand for Sandro right now, and part of that may be his price tag. £16 million, if true, is nuts.