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Rumored Jay Rodriguez bid values him at an outrageous £26m

Southampton surely have to take £14m plus Andros Townsend for Jay Rodriguez if the Indy is correct about the offer.

Christopher Lee

If Sam Wallace of the Independent is to be believed, Tottenham Hotspur have made one final move for Jay Rodriguez, and it's an absolutely absurd one. He says that Spurs have offered Andros Townsend plus £14m to sign the Southampton forward.

Southampton previously had a £12m bid for Andros Townsend rejected. If Wallace's information is correct, we value Rodriguez at £26m. I'm going to have an aneurism.

Yes, it would be great to add Rodriguez. He was brilliant last season, he loves Mauricio Pochettino and Pochettino loves him. I think he'd be first choice when healthy. But unless he matched or bettered his output from last season on a regular basis, he'd never live up to the fee. If this bid has, in fact, been made, Southampton would be crazy not to accept.

I can only hope that Wallace has gotten some incorrect information. This would be absolutely outrageous. I generally err on the side of trusting the club's judgment, but a £26m valuation on a player with a torn ACL and one great year in the Premier League is awful. Absolutely awful.