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Sandro to have medical at QPR, £10m transfer looks likely

Nooooooo :(

Mike Hewitt

It appears that Sandro has finally found a buyer, and that he will, indeed, leave Tottenham Hotspur. In an absolute shocker, the manager who's decided to go in for him is Harry Redknapp. According to the Daily Mail's transfer tracker, Sandro will go to QPR for £10m.

While the fee might be disappointing for some, it's not too bad for Spurs. The offers they were getting last January and earlier in the window for Sandro were lower than this. £10m is also roughly what Spurs paid for him when they bought him from Internacional. He's yet to come all the way back from his injury problems, and it's possible that Spurs look very smart for selling this high on him a year or two from now.

However, it's equally possible that Spurs are made to look very dumb. If Sandro regains his old form, he's a player that belongs at a level above Spurs. It wouldn't be stunning to see him tear it up this year and eventually move to an even bigger side for double what QPR pay for him.

Logic and analysis aside, I'm sad. I love Sandro. I don't want him to leave. But, this was always going to happen.